IPAV-INSTITUTO PADRE ANTÓNIO VIEIRA is a non-profit civic association, recognized as a private social welfare institution (IPSS) and a Non-Governmental Development Organization (NGDO), its objective being reflection, education and action in the promotion of human dignity, social solidarity, sustainability, development, diversity and dialogue between civilizations/cultures. It acts by developing and managing social innovation projects which provide solutions to unresolved social needs at the national and international level, in particular by supporting children and young people, the family, social/community integration, the protection of citizens in old age, disability and in all situations where there is need or reduced means of subsistence.



> Convocatória para Assembleia Geral 
(5 de dezembro de 2017)


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> Relatório de Gestão 2016
(Publicado a 30 de Maio de 2017, ao abrigo do Decreto-Lei nº 172-A de 14 de Novembro de 2014)

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